Capitol Hill Infrastructure Improvement: 17th Street, Benning Rd., NE to Barney Circle, SE.

Work under this contract generally consists of roadway resurfacing, hardscaping, and utility work along 17th Street from Benning Rd., NE to Potomac Avenue and extending south from Potomac Avenue to Barney Circle SE (pavement markings only). All work shall be performed within existing right-of-way and includes, but is not limited to, the following items:


  • Enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety.
  • Modification and/or Reconstruction of nine (9) existing traffic signals,
  • Spot improvements to existing streetlights
  • Resurface of roadway pavement,  granite curb and PCC gutter at curb extension areas
  • Installation of solar powered driver feedback speed signs along 17th Street between Barney Circle SE and East Capitol Street.
  • Designation of new bike lane and bike share
  • Roadway drainage improvements.
  • Installation of ADA compliant crosswalks.
  • Construction of raised cross walks for safety improvements.
  • Repair replace PCC curb and gutter
  • Installation of bulb-out at intersections to enhance safe pedestrian cross walks.
  • Installation of wheelchair ramps and pedestrian cross walk safety improvements.
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